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Workshops, master classes in self development
It's working together in all directions. You will not be alone. You will be accompanied by other people with their stories, problems and expectations. Group work is one of the most effective ways of self development, psychological support and learning the mechanisms of living in the environment.
The masterclass includes the knowledge about the man and the world that you will obtain from me while I answer your questions. We will discuss in detail the following: who are you? What is the relationship between a man and a woman? Where is the key to self confidence and where is the secret of happiness hidden? Maybe it sounds beaten and common, but we envy those people who went through suchself identification. They can easily handle life hardships, activate the relevant life energy and resources at the moment when it's really needed, they do nothave problems with percipience, while a lot depends on it, including your reaction, and your reaction results in your condition.

Topics of the masterclasses:
1. I'm a woman
2. Human abilities. Inner resources.
3. Compass for Life.
4. Man and Woman.
5. Password to happiness.
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6. Reload of your personality.
7. Who am I? Self identification.
Self development course
The highest level of working on yourself. It's a group course. People will search for an answer not only to one certain question but to many questions. They will learn to control emotions and conditions, realize their abilities, solve problems in everyday life. Not everyone is ready for this important step, but once you have made it you will change a lot. A person changes completely, as if he or she has gone through flashing. All the blocks and negative emotions are eliminated, new skills, abilities and chances appear.

Self confidence is extremely important. If it's missing you will never have a good job, nor harmony in relationships, nor inner relaxation. During the course we will pass through all the steps towards identification of yourself as a personality, we will learn communicative skills, develop all the abilities of a self confident and successful person.
Reviews and cases
I don't have and I shouldn't have any reviews. My work is confidential, it doesn't allow public analyzing of situations and life of people. Who would I become if I posted on the internet all the secrets that I learnt from people while I was helping them? But at the same time, I need you to understand the situations I deal with, therefore I will tell you several stories with changed names, ages, sex and other important details, like scriptwriters making movies based on books. Any coincidences happen by chance or are even impossible to happen.
Case no. 1.
Nabil 43 years old
Divorced after 9 years of marriage, the son and daughter are with their mother. After a while they stopped talking to him. He is very upset as he loves them. At work his colleagues do not respect himenough, talk about him behind his back, but he keeps silent as he is afraid to lose his job. He can't make relationships with women, they last 3-4 months and women leave him, often without explaining the reasons. He considers himself an unlucky man. He wanted to commit a suicide but he didn't have enough courage to do so. He became tired from everything and doesn't know how to live his life.

He took a course "Compass for Life". We have revealed the root of his problems. Since his childhood Nabil has been taught that he mustn't be bad, that no one would love him if he was bad. It seemed to him that he treated others with kindness, but nevertheless people betrayed him. Does it mean he is not good enough? Is he really an unlucky fellow? Of course, not. There is a problem here in wrong choice in all the spheres: relationships with himself, with his family, with others, with women, with money.

The compass defined the type of personality of Nabil, he succeeded in accepting himself and being thankful, improving his self esteem and self confidence. He became convinced that there was nothing wrong in his personal, internal and external traits and life principles. He is the one he is, not the one he wanted to look like. After that many things were improved.

Women were the second serious problem. He was choosing wrong women. We studied compatibility laws in detail. A self confident man became more attractive and valuable for women. After that he improved his relationship with his wife, because now Nabil knew "almost everything" about women. Currently his relationship with the children are improving. His daughter communicates with him and his son is ready to do it.

Nabil doesn't need my help anymore, even if he faces difficulties with perceiving situations and with relationships with others. He is able to fix his compass for life by himself.
Case no. 2
Yasmin, 27 years old
Her boy-friend left her, she gained a lot of weight and couldn't lose it. She didn't believe that she could have a relationship again. She took "Compass for life" course and consulting. The problem was in her attitude to relationships with men. All the problems originate from childhood, and Yasmin was missing attention and words of praiseof her parents. When she grew up and became a beauty she needed others to admire her, her appearance, her skills, her beauty. But her boy-friend wanted to have a normal partnerrelationship and appearance wasn't important for him. He was interested more in her inner world. But she needed admiration and praise in order to feel her superiority over others. As a result she realized that they just needed different things. After that her feeling of being hurt and guilty has been gone. Yasmin started to work on herself and now she is fighting with the results of the stress – 12 extra kilos.

I helped her to accept her Ego, to talk to it and to learn a life lesson never to criticize others, not to consider somebody worse than you, because you can be in the same position. The compass for life fixed the relationship with herself, she accepted herself, became honest, understood who she needed.
Case no. 3
Lidia, 38 years old
Depression after the three cancelled engagements. Every time it was cancelled because of the mother of the groom. According to her opinion, the mothers have always interfered in their relationships, manipulated the groom, didn't want to let him leave, made them turn against her. So to say, the mothers were witches who didn't let the poor Cinderella be with the princes.

Lidia took The 8 Steps Anti crisis program. All her childhood she had an example of her mother in front of her eyes. She fought with the sisters of her husband, we don't know why. Even Lidia couldn't answer this question. She was fighting with the mothers of the grooms to control them. She wanted to dominate and suppress.

After she took the 8 Steps program and accepted herself as she was, and realized from where the problem was coming and why it transformed into unhappy relationships, Lidia continued to live her life with her head up, but without the desire to let somebody down or push back. She changed her target from getting a prize of the owner of her men for simply happy and harmonious relationship. No more depression.
Case no. 4
Nancy, 36 years old
Unsuccessful, unhappy marriage, relationship with another man ended up in separating from each other, complicated relationship with parents. Hopelessness and depression.

She got married when she was 19, changed religion. The reason for that was to leave her parents and become free and independent. It seemed to her that others put pressure on her, didn't let her do what she wanted, didn't accept her as she was, criticized her. She often did bad things on purpose. But actually she wanted care, protection from her husband as her father who never gave it to her. She imagined that she would have an ideal family, but her husband was a cold, irresponsible and indifferent man. She had to take all the responsibilities for everything at home, in the family and manage everything.

After that she met another man. When her husband got to know about the relationship he made the lover very scared and he left her. He started to be tough, cruel with her and hit her strongly. Her European citizenship was a benefit for him, plus she was very active, successfully earnt money.

After the lover left her she felt herself not needed by anyone, used, not appreciated, having bad luck. A number of problems have been revealed again: relationships with herself, her family, her husband and men in general.

She took a course "Compass for life". Desperation and feeling of hurt often make people do silly things, destroying everything. That was what happened to Nancy. We eliminated those feelings. Nancy became more self dependent, she didn't have to prove anyone, including her parents and her husband, that she had a unique personality.

Now the couple is about to get divorced, but it's better in this case. Nancy will go a new life pass, not the old one when she had to hurt herself and others for the sake of independence, fairness and care.
Case no. 5
Alya, 51 years old
She faced problems with her bosses, had conflicts, felt stressful. She changed job many times, but all her bosses were vampires, despots, stupid, crazy, cruel who couldn't interact and didn't know how to be descent, etc. She was fighting both with men and women. Her family was fine, same like her husband, colleagues and money. She only had problems with bosses and government officials who influenced decision taking.

She took a course in self realization, master classes, she read the book "Nine Steps" and took the course "Compass for life". Anger is a destroying emotion as well as the feeling of self infallibility.

It originated from the school years, when a teacher made Alya down in front of the class. After that everyone who had a role of a teacher (usually they are bosses in adults life) became her enemies.

After our meetings, lessons and exercises Alya realized and accepted that she could be wrong and she accepted the right of others to make mistakes, she stopped considering her work a war and eliminated excess pride which was a defense reaction of her personality.

Alya has recently found a new job and even a favorite occupation. She concentrated on it, not on fighting with bosses. Does it need to mention that the feeling of happiness stays witAlya all the time?
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