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Private consulting
1. Individual analysis of your personality,
2. Analysis of your current life situation,
3. Analysis of your compatibility with others.

Anti crisis. I need it quickly and immediately. Private consulting.

Actually, it's a normalconsulting. A person usually refers to someone else when he or she is unable to handle his or her condition, and they count every minute because it's too hard to stay in this condition any longer.

-How to release a life block?

-How to improve relationship with a husband or a wife?

-How to quickly solve a number of problems that appeared suddenly?

-Where is the source of energy?

Are you short of time? Do you need psychological help or simply a fellow feeling? I'm always ready to help you.

Detailed private
Individual analysis of your personality
Analysis of your current life situation
Analysis of your compatibility with others.
The 9 steps program worked through with me in private. The details are here
Private consulting. Anti crisis
Three simple steps towards a better life and private consulting. You will do a set up work. It's a very important step for the further analyzing of the problem and its solving. You will clearly define the relationship having difficulties: family, men or women, money, society. What sphere of your life is missing or hurting or is not comfortable? What would you like to improve or correct?

You will clearly define the problem, it's important for you even more than me, and send me a private message. For example: I'm always cheated concerning financial issues. Because of it, I am always stressful, I have scandals in my family, but the root of all evil isin irresponsible and dishonest people.It's very important for me to understand what youthink and suppose about the reasons of your bad luck. After that you will chose a packagefor consulting me:

- One session when you will receive a clear answer to your question, you will understand if you were wrong or not, will know yourself better and we will find a way to solve the current problem. We will analyze your "glitches", I will give you practical tasks in order to eliminate them. The session lasts one hour and a half.

- Two sessions one hour and half each, when we will solve the problem on another level – more deep one. We will find the root of the evil, will work out a "computer program" to eliminate it. During the second session we will discuss in detail the results gained after the first session and will think over clear further steps.

- Four sessions within 45 days period. It's a full guidance, detailed analysis and improving your relationships in the missing sphere. Each session will be followed up by discussing the results, listing of "the glitches", success gained, support of the reload of your Me.
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