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Eight Steps of
Anti Virus

-How to stop being stressful?

-How not to vent our anger on our family and others?

-Soreness. How to fight with it?

-Depression, ill-naturedness, anger – how do they appear?
I have something to help you: eight steps algorithm of quick psycho-emotional self help to fight with inner discomfort and soreness.
I can and I want to offer you preventive measures that you will apply many times afterwards in order to avoid the condition "I hate the whole world", even if you simply haven't had enough sleep.
For example, computer. When it hangs up, incorrectly completes the task we run to a technician who will fix it, because we know that a computer is just a machine that can be fixed. The case with a person is more complicated, but negative feelings and conditions can be compared with computer glitches, it just needs to find a "technician" who will identify the main reason of the breakdown, the major problem and will fix it and install a program in order for it not to happen again.

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