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Compass for Life. Online.
It's a medicine against unhappiness, hard feeling, anger, hatred, depression, disappointment, stress and God knows what other emotions that don't let a person live a relaxed and productive life.
It's my crown jewel. The knowledge that came to me after the coma, when I discovered an invisible potential, when I realized that life has clear, manageable and real principles. It's the start, it's acceptance of yourself, ideas, their implementation. Improvement of our perception of the reality in order not to let sadness, unhappiness, wounds, dissatisfaction, grief disturb us on the way of our life. Those are the stones pulling us down, in the abyss, in nowhere.

What do we need? – Quality and happy relationships with ourselves, with others, with money, with luck, with the world, with the family and so on.Yes, exactly relationships, and not just a husband or a wife, not just money or luck, or travelling. The compass shows the direction towards improving relationships with our main wishes. I can hand in this compass to you. I will not do for you all the inner work, but I can help you to realize its importance and to start.

There is always not a solution, but a choice. People sometimes get confused with these two notions. If there is a choice, there is a solution.Every person is unhappy in his or her own way: someone has a lot of money but no love, another one has a family, income, friends, social life, but feels unhappy about oneself as a personality, he or she suffers from hesitating, sad thoughts, he or she can't interact with his or her Ego. There can be a lot of situations, and we are all prisoners. But we can be free if we know where to go, what to chose and how to correctly perceive. This is the compass for life.
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