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Book "9 Steps Towards the New Life"

It's a kind of fundamental anti crisis program of mine and yours too, if you chose so
About book
What is the book about? It's a kind of fundamental anti crisis program of mine and yours too, if you chose so. It contains my story, its consequences and"the restart" that I learnt from the Universe. It's not a manual, not a magic stick, it's experience. It's something you can become aware of, learn the main points and apply in your life.
Why are there exactly 9 steps? I don't know. Those are the steps of building a new personality. It's like "fell down, stood up, went forward again", but in the meaning of the right order of accepting, realizing and further acting. I am strongly convinced that it's important to accept everything that happens in life. It's impossible to move forward without it.
Step 1
Accepting and changing our attitude towards the situation. Do you remember a wise expression: if you can't change the situation, change your attitude to it? It's easy to say so, but hard to do it. I will try to help you.
Step 2
Being responsible for your life. Others may feel sorry for you, help you financially or by being beside you, or by talking to you, but they can't build your life instead of you. That's why you are responsible for who you are. Every time you take responsibility or make decision your soul and mind become more mature. Being a child is a fun, but it's not acceptable in the adult life. We grow and become stronger.
Step 3
"Unusual inventorying". It's evaluation of our real abilities, analyzing what we have.You will be surprised but a person doesn't realize what treasures he or she has. I'm not talking about flats, cars and so on. I'm talking about what people have received from God, when they were born. There's a million fortune inside of us. I wish a person grewfully aware of himself or herself, and having this knowledge he or she will look at the world in a different angle.
Step 4
Gratitude. We need to live our life being sincerely grateful for what we have. Let it be not at once, but in a while, after we have reconsidered our case. It's not possible to move forward without it.
Step 5
Honesty. The best option for a person is to be honest with himself or herself. Whatever you need, whatever you feel to yourself, to others, to the world you need to honestly admit it.This is how our brain works: unless we accept and realize our desires, fears, feelings the brain will not let us understand the way how to eliminate or improve them.
Step 6
Intention. It's not just a word. Thousands of people write about it. Correct requests addressed to the world are materialized, as it's a sign for the Universe about what you really need and what you are ready to aim to. We will learn how to correctly use the power of intention based on motivation.
Step 7
The Golden Triangle of action. Preparation finished, it's time for action! We set a target, get information and do it.
Step 8
Energy is the fuel for a person. Where is its source? Inside of us. We will learn to find "the deposits" of the valuable source of power, as we are already on our way: we need to concentrate on the most important things instead of thinking about where to find energy.
Step 9
One step away from the victory. Hardships and difficulties on our way are only to test our backbone and the truth of our desires.
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