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A Person in 4 D: Anatomy of Ego.
What is the purpose a man has been created for? Only God can answer this question. But for sure God wouldn't like His creatures to be unhappy all the time.
Have you lost yourself?
Do you misunderstand others?
Do you feel uncomfortable, do you feel a stranger in this life?
Do you often say: "I feel bad"?
No way out? No power?
How shall I live my life? What shall I do?
Panic, panic, panic, then apathy, depression, what is next? A psychologist will eliminate the symptoms, but you will come back to him again and again like for a drug. A psychiatrist will prescribe you many tablets and anti depressants. But actually you only need to puzzle out yourselfin such a way so as to be able to know and understand yourself in any moment of your life.
Let's find out where is the root of all evil. Let's take you to pieces as at a lesson of anatomy, but spiritual anatomy, and reveal the mechanisms producing happiness or unhappiness.
A lot of things that you don't know about yourself are the reason for bad luck, stresses and misunderstanding.
I make long time scanning of the inner world of a person, you may call it reload, but I prefer the opposite word: upload.It's a transfer from "the off line mode"to the conscious mode.
Jane Babkina
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