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This chapter contains my services. I'm not doing mass production, I don't have an office and employees, I don't buy coffee and biscuits for visitors, I don't have advertising on television. That's why most prices don't exceed 20 dollars.
I created a puzzle. When a person has a missing part in his or her life, it can be filled with this material for construction. You may need one puzzle or 5 puzzles, it's up to you. You will not need any help from a psychologist, psychiatrist or any other doctor after you have consulted me. I am an intermediary in obtaining a knowledge that will help you to deal with the Compass for Life.

I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that a lot can be done without a personal meeting. People are different: some of them prefer to share their problems in person, others don't. Comfort of every person for me is an initial key to helping him or her. Therefore I worked out different options suitable for any case. Remark "Online" means that we will not meet each other. You will receive instructions by email, you will just need to read it. You will start to get help once you begin reading.
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