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If not…Yet I need to introduce myself. I was a lawyer and my diploma paper was dedicated to Shariat – the Islamic law system. After graduating I was studying Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology, I was reading, attending lectures, making documentary researches. I used to work in restaurant business too…In general, my story was similar to those of many others'. I was born, studied, worked, learnt, had a family...If I weren't about to die one day.

Before I became 31 years old everything had been fine, but after that I had an accident. Let's leave the bloody details to the investigators, but as a result my body was collected together by pieces. My arms, legs and face were broken, the doctors said I would not be able to walk (but they were wrong), half of the muscles in my body were amputated and stitched up. I was in coma. In a deep coma, between this life and the other life. I don't remember what happened during this period of time, but when I recovered I clearly realized the system of the Compass for Life and what I need to do in my life. It was a crystal clear knowledge and a task to let people become aware of it.

I have been granted a second life. The knowledge and experience in different spheres helped me a lot in the most difficult moment of my life. Hardships and challenges arrangedeverything in the right places. They let me find myself, understand my mission. I became strong and happy.All the questions have disappeared, and now I am moving forward on the way of completing my mission: sharing with others my inspiration, inner strength, positive energy and love that are inside of me; solving their problems, helping them to be on the right path, fixing the directions of the Compass for Life.

My mission is to: 1. Help others to understand what is wrong with their life; 2. Help to concentrate and overcome the difficult period of time; 3. Try to teach to solve problems with maximum benefit and minimum losses.
Jane Babkina
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